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Kettlebell Workouts - The Intense and Efficient Way to Get into Shape

Why Kettlebell Workouts?


Sometimes know as Russian Kettlebells, the Canonball like shaped weights in the corner of your gym only being used by people who are in great shape and which novices tend to shy away from could be the key ingredient missing from your routine.


Kettlebell Exercises have been used by Russian Bodybuilders for over 300 years to build lean muscle mass and improve core strength but only now are they coming more into focus in European and North American gyms.

Celebrities such as Gerrard Butler have made Kettlebell workouts extremely popular and he used Kettlebell exercises to good effect when preparing for his role in the film 300 as King Leonidas of Sparta. The rise of the Kettlebell has gone beyond the world of celebrity workouts and Kettlebell themed workout classes are emerging in gyms all over Europe and North America.

Due to the thickness of the handles and the position of the weight hanging directly below your wrist you require a lot more strength of grip and core than you would with a conventional Dumbell workout. In fact a lot of modern bodybuilders have replaced Dumbell exercises with Kettlebell exercises when looking to improve their arm workouts.

As the weight is far more difficult to control in Kettlebell workouts more calories are burned also making a Kettlebell routine far more efficient in a fat building session when compared with a weight training or bodyweight routine. Studies have shown that in a basic 20 minute Kettlebell workout that participants can burn in excess of 272 calories, when this is combined with the muscle sculpting impact (the calories burned post training as your body repairs its muscle fibers), the total expenditure has been shown to increase by up to 50 percent.


To put this into comparison, the only other physical activity which would burn the amount of calories that a full body Kettlbell workout would is cross country Skiing uphill at a fast pace. People are now discovering that they can get the results they used to achieve in a 30 minute weight training programme followed by 30 minutes of Cardio with just a 20 minute Kettlebell workout.

Kettlebells have gone from gathering dust in the corner to being the most sought after class in gyms with some establishments having 3 month waiting lists to accomodate everyone who wishes to enrol. Due to this demand Kettlebell only gyms have opened in London and New York and more are set to open during the coming months.

As far as an Abs workout goes a good solid full body Kettlebell routine will do far more for your core than hundreds of sit ups as the Kettlebell itself has an uneven distribution of weight meaning that your core muscles such as the Abdominal wall, external Obliques and longissimus thoracis are worked throughout each movement which is not the case with sit ups or crunches.


The truth is that Kettlebell Workouts can become the soul of your training routine or can compliment any sort of training programme. Intense Kettlebell Workouts will provide you with all the exercises for all the muscle groups and help you design a full Kettlebell Exercise routine for home, the gym or even the office.


We will also help you supplement Kettlebell exercises to your weight training regime to help you get past your lastest plateau and keep your body guessing or help you with your fat burning goals using the

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