How To Get Stronger Legs

Stong Legs Stong Legs

The ambition to get stronger legs goes well beyond vanity and machismo; it will improve your health, body and mind. Obtaining strong powerful Legs is something that eludes the novice trainer, not due to any physical reason but is quite rare that an immature trainer wants this, or at least wants it enough to make it happen.

Upon entering any Gym within the English spoken world you will find far more athletes with impressive upper body structure than you will with impressive, powerful Legs. It takes the average athlete many years of training upper body hard and casually working on the lower half before the focus shifts to the Legs, which are now majorly lagging behind the Chest, Biceps, Triceps and Lats. Awesome Deltoids development is a thing of true beauty and represents power in the Athlete, achieving this however, is not too difficult as just a couple of powerful pressing movements with free weights once per week combined with a diet which supports muscle growth will have your Delts bulging off the sides of your arms within a few months of hard training. Your Leg’s are not like this, a half hearted training session once per week (often performed as an afterthought by most novice trainers) will result in very little, if anything in terms of muscular development. The Legs require seriously hard and heavy workouts, the kind of training sessions that have you gasping for air and often vomiting!

Stronger Legs will often result in bigger Legs which is great but to lift more on your Legs requires other muscle groups to put in a shift, the muscles of the lower Back and the Abs are really called in to help when Squatting or performing heavy Leg pressing movements.

The Legs are half of the Human Body (more in some people’s case) and yet most people will acknowledge that they will split their upper body into four maybe five muscle groups (Chest, Back, Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps) and the place these into three, four or even five training sessions per week whilst allocating one day for ‘Legs’, dreaded Legs day once per week and if a training session is ever needed to be skipped due to other commitments it is always Legs day.

Once we are Gym veterans, enjoy the vibe, the banter and enjoy challenging ourselves on a regular basis we tend to notice that our Legs are often the weakest aspect of the physique we have sculpted. Once we have looked deep down into our souls we know that we simply haven’t put the work in required to challenge the Thighs and Calves to grow and develop super human strength even though we have 17 inch Arms and curl 60K on a Barbell. The decision to get bigger and stronger Legs is one that is followed with real dedication in the Gym as this is the only way to force these notoriously stubborn Thighs to stimulate muscular growth.

The daddy of all exercises required to push your Legs to the next level is the Squat. Whatever equipment you use to perform Squats and however you choose to perform them, if you are doing it right you will never lock out your Knees and if your intensity is correct you will be out of breathe and possibly feeling faint at the completion of each set. The Squat incorporates all four heads of the Quadriceps as well as the Glutes and the full posterior chain. The incorporation of so many muscle groups creates a massive need for fresh Oxygenated blood and therefore will put the cardio vascular system under great demand. If an athlete can get everything right and really focus on Squats they can dramatically increase the weight they are lifting which will strengthen so many areas of the lower half as well as increase Human Growth Hormone release into the system which in turn helps increase Testosterone and results in solid acquired muscle mass.

Lunges are another massively important exercise for obtaining powerful Legs; again this is an exercise which the novice usually totally ignores as when they do perform the dreaded Legs day they tend to stick to Squats, Leg extensions and Hamstring Curls at a push. The Hamstrings are probably the biggest muscle group which is overlooked by the novice trainer and the muscle group which is most dominant in the mid of an experienced trainer wanting to gain size and strength in the Thighs. Lunges, especially when performed with a pair of Kettlebells are a dynamic movement which offer power to the posterior chain which will not only improve your Squatting power but will also give the Legs are more fuller appearance, especially from a side on view.