How To Do The Splits

Kettlebell Splits Kettlebell Splits

One of the most sought after pieces of knowledge within the fitness industry is 'How To Do The Splits'. It simply is a popular thing to be able to do and is often asociated with a higher level of fitness, physical condition and is often found an attractive quality in women. No matter what your age, gender of physical conditon performing the Splits is not out of your reach, as with all physical goals that we may have, it is simply a matter of training our bodies and mind in the correct manner so we can achieve our goal.


We have mentioned training your mind as being important with being able to perform the Splits and this is true, the facts are that you have to go through a bit of pain to perform the Splits and th training can be gruelling at times as you force your Muscles to do thing they are not accustomed to. You are going to have to trust your training routine and be brave when the time comes to allow yourself to achieve your goal as fear can often get in the way. This sounds a crazy concept but how many time have you seen people in the gym walk away from a heavy deadlift, bench press or squat as the bar looks daunting but with some extra encouragement and motivation the weight is lifted?


Fear of injury combined with fear of failure (which is sometimes the bigger fear for most people) prevents many of us getting were we want to be in the gym, also in life at times.

Cassey Ho on How To Do The Splits

Cassey Ho is a fitness and Pilates instructor as well as being the author of - a fantastic website which should not be overlooked as this is easily one of the internet's very best fitness related websites.


Below we have Cassey Ho's instructional video (shot near Tower Bridge in London), the video demonstrates a perfect stretching routine which if followed correctly will allow you fast and guaranteed results.


You wanted to know 'How To Do The Splits' so watch and enjoy.

The Body Adapts to it's New Demands

Nothing is more true than this. The Human body is awesome, at times fragile yet something to be amazed by all the same.


Just thinking about adaptations the body makes due to the input placed upon it is mind blowing at times. If you were to starve yourself for example, the body wouldnaturally start to use muscle tissue for fuel and feed on itself to keep you alive whilst storing as much fat as possible for warmth. If you are to start lifting heavy weights in a gym setting your body breaks down the tissues and repairs them thicker and stronger than they previously were and the joints supporting the muscles become stronger in addition the the Bones becoming more dense and utilizing more Calcium in the diet. Now if you are to stretch the muscles over and over again, they become more flexible, as do the ligaments and all connective tissue.


It is this stress placed on the muscles of forcing them to stretch beyond what they are comfortable of doing which causes the adaptations needed for an individual to be able to safely perform the Splits.

The Kettlebell Splits

Adding the use of a Kettlebell to the Splits is simply a way of forcing the muscles to work even harder which after all is what the overload principle is all about.


There are a couple of ways we can go about this, the most common way is to simply hold a Kettlebell once in the Splits position whch makes the core muscles work harder and further enhances the stretching of the muscles involved in the movement.


If we are wanting to get creative we can simply perform basic Kettlebell exercises from the Splits position similar to how the Swiss ball got popular not so long back. Try doing the Kettlebell Shoulder Press, Biceps Curls or ven Triceps Extensions from the Splits position and you will be working the core muscles harder than ever before and adding further strain to the Splits which will further increase the strength and flexibility of the movement.


Now you have learnt how to do the Splits, keep increasing the workload and see what you can achieve.