The Importance of Training Goals

Set A Target Set A Target

The importance of training goals can never be over stated as training without a target in mind is a sure fire way of getting nowhere. Without a goal in mind, how do we know how we are progressing? How do we adapt to improve? How do we know if what we are doing is working?


It is a fairly simple concept, but setting a goal and sticking to it is overlooked so often in fitness it is frightening. Not everyone reading this or everyone who will be in the gym with you tomorrow morning has aspirations of competing physically in one way or another but for yours and their sake's I hope you have some sort of goal to focus on or why are you bothering?


A training goal can be short term such as wanting to add 5k to your bench press before the end of the month or it can be even shorter such as wanting to add calf raises to the end of your workout before hitting the Jacuzzi. Long term goals are great such as wanting to complete a Marathon, lose 4 stone during the calendar year or add 2 inches to your arms before your summer holiday but they are not for everyone. Long term goals have to be achieveable and the individual aiming for them has to really want them, short term goals on the other hand can simply be set by your training partner as you turn up to the gym and by simply having a small goal and ensuring as not to fail in front of your training partner, your training session will be of a higher quality with some sort of clear direction.


Why Aim High?


Shoot for the Stars and if you fall short you will not be far of greatness!


A great saying and something to kep in mind when training, if for intance a middle distance runer were to aim to run a 6 minute mile and fell short a 6.30 minute mile is still excellent. The same goes for any aim which is of an amazing standard, admitting to your aim to someone is also a great idea as this will push you on to really work for it. As Human Beings we are all born with an Ego and whilst we are not all slaves to it, we are all driven by it at times and fear of public failure is one of the biggest motivating factors for us as a species - if it wasn't, how would you explain peer pressure?


In this section of the site we will designate a page to any aim you may have as an individual, so contact us and tell us your aims and we will designate a page to doing so and help you. With our help you will not climb the wall but simply run right through it!