Benefits Of Online Personal Training

Benefits Of Online Personal Training Benefits Of Online Personal Training

The benefits of online personal training are obvious to most but not obvious in the slightest to some of us. The facts are that the world is changing, let's take booking a holiday for instance, how many of us actually visit a local travel agent anymore? The World Wide Web has made everything easier, cheaper and we all enjoy doing stuff for ourselves - it's in our DNA.


Another obvious example is how we buy Music these days, massive retailers are going out of business as we tend to download our favourite artisits latest album as soon as it comes out - no waiting in line,no need to purchase a CD rack or take our music collection with us, it's downloaded and then we apply it to evry portable device we have and never have to go anywhere without it. We store our music on a cloud drive and therefore we can never lose or have stolen our music collection.


The world of fitness and exercise has changed also (except for the professional athlete that is) and alot of us now prefer to train at home or in our local park or even if we train at a gym we like to do it ourselves as opose to using a personal trainer (Shout out to all personal trainers out there as it is the first thing I qualified as when I left school). Below are just some of the reasons why you are likely to choose online personal training over a traditional personal trainer;


  • The average personal trainer costs $50 per session, Intense Kettlebell Workouts offer online personal training for just $25 per month with no contract commitment.
  • 24/7 access to your own online User area - including your exercise and nutrition plan PLUS huge library of exercise demos, fitness tips, workout charts and lots more
  • Work out at home, the office or in the Gym as all of our online personal training programmes are customised to each individual's goals, current fitness level, medical history, available equipment and time constraints. Never just a standard beginners, advanced and expert level training programe.
  • 24/7 email access to your trainer and a weekly email update on the
    progress of your diet and training programme.
  • Complete nutritional analysis and healthy eating programme, again tailor made to fit in with your nutritional requirments and personal taste.
  • Workout in your time not your trainers schedule.