Twisting Sit Ups

Kettlebell Twisting Sit Ups Kettlebell Twisting Sit Ups

Kettlebell Twisting Sit Ups are a great exercise for those who are wishing to improve the power and strength they possess throughout the whole Abdominal wall. The Abdominal wall cannot generate too much explosive power without the Obliques (the muscular structure at the side of the Abs). If you think about a Boxer throwing a Hook for instance, the power surges through the Obliques as the body twists to generate maximum force to be delivered through the Fists in the form of a punch.


Similar to the ‘Around The Body Pass’ and it’s variants, Twisting Sit Ups help improve the core strength of an Athlete whilst helping them to improve the generation of power they can achieve in sideways movements which involve the core moving from outside to in a forceful manner.


If developed correctly and if the Athlete has a lower enough body fat percentage the Obliques can look even more impressive than the Abs. Bodybuilders sporting great Oblique definition are really rewarded on stage during side Chest poses and double Biceps poses in which the Obliques help link the Abs and the Lats.

The Importance of the Obliques in Sport

It is mainly in the area of combat sports that Oblique development is most important. In combat sports the Obliques are required for two main reasons; power generation and injury prevention.


As discussed above any movement which involves an athlete striking with their hands or their feet will involve a twisting movement – if done correctly. The correct punching and kicking technique is not too merely flick out a fist or a foot in an opponent’s direction but to strike through the target transferring the body weight and strength through the movement. Strength and power in the Obliques is essential for the transference of this power and a lack of it will reduce the power you can strike with and probably cause you to strain the Abs if the support of the Obliques are not there to help support the force travelling through the body and to also aid in the shock absorbing function once a connection is made with the opponent.


Twisting Sit Ups are a fantastic Kettlebell exercise for strengthening the Obliques which can help protect the Ribs from direct contact in sports. A good powerful set of Obliques will help act as a shock absorber for direct impact in contact sports such as Boxing and Rugby and provide vital protection to the Rib cage.