Static Kettlebell Front Raise

Static Kettlebell Front Raise Static Kettlebell Front Raise

A static Kettlebell Front Raise is an exercise which is fantastic for creating the striations in the Deltoids, strengthening the Shoulder and Elbow joints and also increasing mental strength within the Gymnasium environment. The exercise is very similar to the static lateral raises performed with Dumbbells which Arnold Schwarzenegger swore by come competition time to create the jaw dropping Deltoid development he displayed on stage.


There is a macho element to the Static Kettlebell Front Raise, and this is often a great thing in the Gym. As long as the competition isn’t causing injuries it can only increase the gains from your workouts and plenty of studies show that a Gym full of your peers will spur you on far more than the home gym. It is well know that to this very day that no one has won a Mr Olympia title with home training only, even the greats such as Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler all train in public at times as this is when the competitive edge comes out.


Seen mostly as a defining exercise, this and other static holds can also be used as muscle building exercises as it is quite easy to to perform sets of holds where an athlete would hold for 3 seconds, rest and then go back into the hold for 3 seconds – it doesn’t simply have to be a hold to failure.

Static holds are not new in sports specific training and climbers especially practice holds in different positions (usually with bodyweight) to strengthen the tendons and muscles of the forearms and hands, this comes in handy when hanging from a rock face and needing a minute or two to decide on a route upwards.


Static holds for the shoulders can be performed on a front raise basis or lateral raise basis – shy away from performing static holds above the head as this can encourage compressing injuries to the Shoulder joint itself and put additional strain on the Elbows. It is important to vary your static training to allow the joints to heal and one way in which this can be achieved is use a Kettlebell one training session and simply use a cables machine the next – you will still stress the Shoulders whilst relieving the strain on the joints.

Performing The Static Kettlebell Front Raise

To perform the Static Kettlebell Front raise ia as simple as it gets, simply follow the instructions below;


1) Take the Kettlebell with both hands on the handle about 4 inches apart.


2) Swing the Kettlebell upwards until the bottom of the Kettlebell is parallel with the floor.


3) Hold in this position with a slight bend in the Elbow joints.


4) Resist the weight all the way down until the Kettlebell touches your Legs.