Single Leg Squat

Kettlebell Single Leg Squat Kettlebell Single Leg Squat

The Single Leg Squat is probably the most athletic of all Kettlebell exercises that you will ever see performed. People who perform it are either in fantastic physical shape, fall over or even worse..... injure themselves.


This is not a movement to be taken lightly and their are plenty of steps along the way to be mastered before attempting this Kettlebell exercise.


An elite military classic exercise, the Single Leg Squat is for all those wanting to push themselves to thier physical limits, show off or both.

Preparing For The Kettlebell Single Leg Squat

One of the first things I would advise anyone seriously wanting to incorporate this into their Kettlebell workouts would be to start implementing a decent stretching routine into their workouts. Without flexibility in the Hamstrings and Knee joints this movement is nearly impossible and the risk to reward factor starts to weigh heavily in the favour of the 'risk'.


Once a certain degree of flexibilty has been established in an athlete it is time to start with the basics. Over the years it has ben found that performing single Leg Calf raises on a platform will help improve the balabce required for the more advanced Single Leg Squat - start off light and perform this two or three times per week for a month. Once you can efficiently perform this without wobbling throughout each rep you are then able to progress onto the next stage.


The next step is the partial One Legged Squat - with a chair behind you rest one foot on the chair, the chair will act as your stabalizer. Perform half reps on each Leg, you willnotic at this stage you will still be wobbling but this is what the chair is for - when you start to shake press the stabalizing Leg harder onto the chair for balance.


The obvious place to go to now is the One Legged Squat using no weights, if you have a training partner, have him or her spot you as if you were performing Squats with an Olympic bar behind your neck - if youwobble they simply secure your balance by touching your sides.

Ready To Perform The Kettlebell Single Leg Squat?

Assuming you have followd the steps above, not rushed your progress, have developed excellent flexibility, focus of mind and form when performing non weighted Single Legs Squats.........


1) Take hold a Kettlebell with both hands on the handle portion of the weight.


2) Lift one Leg out in front of you and using your Core kep the body tight and the Leg contracted.


3) Slowly Squat downwards using your standing Leg.


4) Once your Buttocks are at a 90 degree angle from the floor, drive upwards using your standing Leg