Kettlebell Slingshot

Kettlebell Slingshot Kettlebell Slingshot

The kettlebell slingshot is a very simply movement to master. It also a very important exercise to master as it will provide your Abdominal Wall and Oblique muscles a thorough a test of strength and endurance.


Similar in technique to a couple of Boxers standing back to back passing a Medicine ball around between themselves, the twisting technique while bearing weight creates a very natural workout as it replicates movement that an Athlete would perform at speed naturally during their chose sport.


A Rugby player for instance, only being allowed to pass a ball backwards will need to be able to spin around whilst running at pace and chuck a ball at pace to the side or behind him or herself. This movement may sound very basic but when done dynamically with pace and power it causes immense strain of the Abs and the Oblique muscles.


The Kettlebell Slingshot replicates this movement well and builds up tremendous core strength which also helps to acts as shock absorber for when an Athlete has to take an impact. Think of a UFC star taking a kick to the side or an American Footballer taking a collision from the side, the more core strength you have and the more muscular tissue in around the Rib Cage the more chance you have of preventing an injury.


Coming back to your basic Boxing training and no one who has entered a gym will not have seen a Medicine ball being passed backwards and around the Athlete in question. This is not only for building muscle tissue to help take an impact, in this case a Body shot from an opponent. This also helps generate power when twisting, think of the correct technique when throwing a Left Hook for instance, the Lower body twists into the punch and that boxer is aiming to Punch through the target. When throwing a Hook correctly a Boxer twists the body into the Punch, the old analogy used to describe this is to imagine that your Body is a door in a Frame – you will slam the door (your body) to throw the punch and open the door to bring your punching fist back to a guard position.

Including The Kettlebell Slingshot Into Your Kettlebell Workouts

As this kettlebell exercise is primarily an Abdominal exercise you can fit this into your kettlebell workouts Abs routine and combine it in the same session as the Kettlebell Windmill and any crunching movements you may incorporate into your training sessions.


The Kettlebell Slingshot can also be added into any HIIT cardio routine and is a great exercise to fit into the middle of your circuit in between big full body movements such as the Kettlebell Swing and the Goblet Squat. By including this Kettlebell exercise in the middle of two full body movements you will be giving your cardio vascular a slight recovery period whilst keeping your Heart rate high enough to continue fat burning and keeping your core tight and working hard for the muscle sculpting part of a HIIT sessions.

Performing The Kettlebell Slingshot

To perform this is one of the easiest Kettlebell exercises you will ever perform, in fact it is hard to get wrong.


1) Hold the Kettlebell in one hand with the Arm slightly bent at the Elbow joint.


2) Lifting the Kettlebells up to Chest level, swing the Kettlebell behind your back and take hold of with your other hand.


3) Keep the Kettlebell swinging round the body taking care with the change-over of hands


4) Once you have completed your required number of repetitions, swap and swing the other way around the body.


*Ensure you keep your core muscles tight throughout the movement and take care with the change-over of hands. Although the Kettlebell Slingshot is an Abdominal exercise Grip strength is often what goes first*