Kettlebell Shoulder Press

Kettlebell Shoulder Press Kettlebell Shoulder Press

The Kettlebell Shoulder press is a mass building compound exercise in essence designed to develop the Deltoid muscles into masses of powerful muscular tissue. As far as Kettlebell exercises go, none will be harder to lift a heavy weight with as the Kettlebell travels such a long distance during the repetition.


During any form of Shoulder pressing exercise the Front and Side Deltoid muscles are required to bare a lot of weight which is a big task when you consider just how small the muscle group is. In chief support during the Kettlebell Shoulder Press are the Triceps with the inner portion of the Triceps supporting a lot of weight on the negative part of the Shoulder Press.


This kettlebell exercise offers something totally different for the Deltoids in comparison to using a Barbell or Dumbbell as not only are the weights required to be steadied throughout the movement which puts extra strain on the Deltoids but with the weight being directly under the handle of the Kettlebell and not spread out like it would be with Barbell or Dumbbell it feels a lot heavier and really pulls and resists the force of the Shoulders and Triceps pushing upwards.

Adding The Kettlebell Shoulder Press To Your Kettlebell Workouts

A number of variations can be used when performing this kettlebell exercise as focus can be spread on the core also when using Kettlebell exercises and the degree you make this core exercise by depends on your preference.


To make this a true mass building movement and focus on the force created in the Shoulder muscles, start the KB Shoulder Press from a kneeling position. This allows stability in the lower half of the body allowing you to focus on driving the Kettlebells up from the racked position into a locked arms position above the head with all the force being used in an explosive manner.


To incorporate the Abs a lot more, you can perform this kettlebell exercise whilst sitting on a Swiss Ball. The soles of the Feet will be the only contact made between you and the floor and the Abs will have to work extra hard to stabilise the body whilst sat on the Swiss ball to allow you to drive upwards with any force.


The true compound exercise to be made out of the KB Shoulder Press would be to make it into a full Clean and Press with the Kettlebells starting on the floor and the athlete performing the Kettlebell Clean to get the Kettlebells in a racked position before performing the Pressing movement. This makes the exercise a full body movement and is a fantastic kettlebell exercise to use in a HIIT cardio routine.

Performing The Kettlebell Shoulder Press

To perform the Kettlebell Shoulder Press the first consideration is how you will perform this Kettlebell Exercise. Obviously if you want to lift more weight and really trigger the fast twitch muscle fibre in the Deltoids you will use the kneeling position, whichever starting position you do choose, the technique remains the same.


1) Start in the racked position with a Kettlebell in each hand.


2) Press both Kettlebells upwards to an almost locked elbow position.


3) At the top range of the movement the Kettlebells should almost be touching directly above the athlete’s Head.


4) Lower the Kettlebells back down to the upper arms under control.