Kettlebell Renegade Row

Alternating Renegade Rows Alternating Renegade Rows

The Kettlebell Renegade Row, often known as the Commando Row or Alternating Renegade Rows are simply one of the most extreme exercises that you can perform. You are basically combining a difficult Abs exercise in the Plank and combining it with a solid compund movement such as the Row for the Back muscles, whilst balancing your weight as you transfer the lift from one arm to the other whilst the balancing becomes each hand's task in an alternating fashion.


This Kettlebell Renegade Row is every bit as extreme as it sounds and appears and if you are to witness anyone doing this in your local gym, rest assured they are in terrific physical shape.


There are a few variations of the Kettlebell Renegade Row with the purest form being when two Kettlebells are used at once, with the athlete balancing on one, rowing with the other hand and then changing and alternating the Rowing hand on each rep.


A few slightly easier variations are often used with some people using their balancing hand by placing it direct on the floor and completing the full set with the Rowing arm before exchanging arms and performing the Kettlebell Rows with the other hand.


For those who cannot yet do the full Alternating Renegade Row but who find balancing on the floor with the non Rowing arm not challenging enough a step can be used to put the body into an incline position meaning the stability of the core becomes harder and there is more of a stretch at the bottom range of the rowing movement.

Adding the Kettlebell Renegade Row to your Kettlebell Workouts

The Alternating Renegade Row can be used as a Mass building exercise as the start of a routine, however the balance requireed to perform the exercis safely often doens't allow the Athlete to lift a Kettlebell heavy enought to stimulate muscle growth in the middle back.


This Kettlebell exercise has been found to be of more use when alternated in a superset fashion with Wide Grip Pull Ups. After doing slow and deliberate sets of Wide Grip Pull Ups with an overhand grip the Muscles in the Back and Forearms are crying out for rest and fresh Oxygenated Blood. If instead you drop down off the bar straight onto a pair of Kettlebells you will find that what once felt like a relatively light weight now feels super heavy and the strength of the Core Muscles compensates for the fatigue and helps drive the Weight up.


You have to remember that the Human body doesn't know how heavy a weight is, it only knows how much energy and muscle fibre it is using to complete the movement. Due to how difficult the row becomes following a pull up the Muscle tissue is forced to contract extra hard as if the weight were far heavier stimulating action in the Capillaries and Muscle growth.


In this instance the Wide Grip Pull Up becomes a pre-exhaustion tool for the Kettlebell Renegade Row and helps contribue to the overall benefit of this Kettlebell exercise.


Even without doing this it is a fantastic addition to your Kettlebell Workouts but should not be considered a mass building exercise, if you are wanting to use the Kettlebell Row as a mass building exercise simplyperform one arm at a time leaning on a bench in a similar fashion to Dumbell Rows which is a favourite of Body builders all over the world.

How to Perform the Kettlebell Renegade Row

The setting up and performing of this exercise is very simple, in theory as the actual performing of the Alternating Renegade Row is an Expert level exercise and should not be performed by the novice trainer.


1) Set yourself up in a standard push-up position with a pair of Kettlebells in front of you were your hands are to be. A slightly wider Leg position than your standard press up position is advised.


2) Once in the push up position push one Kettlebell into the floor hard using your force to lift the other up towards your Chest.


3) Return the Kettlebell that is at your Chest to the floor and pusing into the floor now lift the other Kettlebell up. This is one complete repetition of the Alternating Renegade Row.


*Remember at all times to keep your Abs in a locked positon and keep the whole core of your body tight and contract throughout the Kettlebell Renegade Row. Any relaxing of your body during this movement could result in a muscular injury*