Kettlebell Lunges

Kettlebell Lunges Kettlebell Lunges

Kettlebell Lunges are another fantastic exercise for the posterior chain and a movement which can really benefit an athlete. The movement itself is very basic and often associated with Women’s exercise classes which often make the average Male trainer shun the movement. Those in the know tend to make this a primary movement in their Legs workouts and many serious Bodybuilders will dedicate a whole training session to Lunges.


Serious bodybuilders such as Tom Platz have often grabbed a barbell and headed to the car park of a Gymnasium and walked the length performing Lunges much to the appreciation of on lookers and fellow Gym goers. Lunges and Squats are essential to achieving stronger Legs but have often been seen as different spectrums of the Legs workouts routine with the Squat viewed as being hardcore and Lunges being viewed as an easy movement – nothing could be further from the truth.

Why Kettlebell Lunges?

Kettlebell Lunges have become popular in recent years and it is very rare to see someone performing Lunges with dumbbells these days. You will realistically see 3 types of Lunges performed in the modern day Gym. You will see many body weight Lunges performed in studios and exercise classes, you will see Barbell Lunges performed by serious athletes who have the physical and mental strength to perform them and you will see KB Lunges performed by just about everyone regardless of physical shape and condition.


KB Lunges offer a far deeper strength than the Barbell will offer and with the natural pull of the weight directly below the handle of the Kettlebell the Hamstrings will be stretched a lot more than usual resulting in a lot more stored energy ready to be used to power the athlete back upwards to a straight Leg position – more speed and power equals more muscle mass – more muscle mass equals stronger Legs!


As with all Kettlebell exercises the KB Lunge will challenge your core muscles in ways the Barbell version of the exercise will not even get close to. The balance required to perform the movement (especially when performing with a Kettlebell in each hand) will require a contracted Abdominal wall throughout the movement and the muscles in the lower Back, lower Legs and even the Deltoids will have a large role to play. Due to the close to full body contraction nature of the KB Lunge a higher Calorie deficiency is created when compared to the free weight or Barbell version of the movement.

Performing the Kettlebell Lunge

Performing KB Lunges is fairly simple, with only two main varieties of the movement both offering their own benefits. It is suggested that an Athlete should try both version to find out what works best for them, regardless of which version they perform the technique to perform this Kettlebell exercise is the same.


1) Standing upright with either a Kettlebell in each hand at the side of the body or one larger Kettlebell held out in front of the athlete (as pictured above).


2) Lunge forward with one Leg so the opposite Knee almost touches the floor.


3) Drive upwards using the Leg that has lunged forward.


4) Repeat movement with the opposite Leg.


*Kettlebell Lunges should make up an important part fo your Kettlebell workouts and especially on Leg specific training days – try performing supersets using KB Lunges and the Goblet Squat for a muscle shredding Leg workout*