Kettlebell Lunge Press

Kettlebell Lunge Press Kettlebell Lunge Press

The Kettlebell Lunge Press is a fun way of spicing up your Leg training routines and although not apparently obvious, this will get you stronger Legs. The movement of the Kettlebell Lunge Press is as simple as it sounds – a basic combination of Kettlebell Lunges and Kettlebell presses. The reason for performing this is not too save time or increase cardio vascular output (although the addition of these is certainly a benefit), in fact the sole purpose is for the extra drive needed when pressing the Kettlebells above head will cause more stress on the Hamstrings and Glutes.


The power and explosion required to go from a Lunge position to pressing the Kettlebells upwards stimulates the posterior chain in a way that can only be done from a power movement position. Fast explosive movements with weighted resistance stimulates muscle growth as well as the release of Human growth Hormone and encourages the production of more Testosterone which will all lead to more muscle mass and increased fat lass as a result of your workout routine.

Why Squats and Lunges?

A common question within the gym is ‘how effective can Squats and Lunges be’? The answer to this could last for tens of thousands of words, as most of us have no intention of knowing every little detail, we will keep things short and simple.


Each gym you enter will have an array of Leg specific machines ranging from isolation movements to Leg Press machines and Hack Squat machines. All of these machines do offer benefits to being used and even the very elite bodybuilders will use these machines for muscular tone and definition as well as pre-exhausting technique or high rep sets. The real bread and butter of Leg development has always and will always come down to Squats and Lunges. The squat is considered the most essential movement in Bodybuilding; it incorporates so many muscle groups and has always been famed for its ability to increase Human Growth Hormone in the body. Studies have even shown that performing Biceps workouts on the same days as Squatting actually increases Arm mass.


Lunges are equally impressive and you would be hard pushed to find someone sporting a great set of Hamstrings who doesn’t perform Lunges with heavy weights. Whether it be Kettlebells, Dumbbells or a Barbell you can spot a serious trainer in the gym just be seeing who is performing Lunges as oppose to simply going through the motions on a Hamstring Curls machine.

How to Perform the Kettlebell Lunge Press

The kettlebell Lunge Press is very basic manoeuvre, in which basic co-ordination will get you through, instructions are below;


1) Hold a Kettlebell in both hand in front of you with palms facing each other.


2) Lunge forward with your left leg.


3) Once in position press the Kettlebell up using both hands.


4) Stand back up whilst simultaneously bring the Kettlebell back down.


5) Repeat the Kettlebell Lunge Press using the alternate Leg.