Kettlebell Curls

Kettlebell Curls Kettlebell Curls

Kettlebell Curls are a demanding Biceps exercise which is simply a twist on the traditional Dumbbell and Barbell curls that you will see most people open up their Biceps workouts with.


The Biceps are a very small muscle group and can be easily overworked which stops progress in the Biceps more than it will in any other muscle group within the Human body. The Biceps can be susceptible to over training due to one main reason and this is that everyone wants huge Arms. Co-incidentally the Kettlebell Curls were developed buy body builders trying to keep their Biceps growing in order for continued muscular growth.


If someone were to stop you in the street tomorrow and ask you to show them your muscle’s – which muscle would you flex? How many people would roll their trouser Leg up and flex the Calf muscles? It is universally accepted that the athlete in question would flex the Biceps, possibly even perform a double Biceps pose. Not for one minute I am saying that this is the only reason that the Biceps pose would be struck nor is this the only reason why the Biceps are often over trained. Simply put, the Biceps are in the forefront of our minds and physical consciousness, they are easily the most noticeable and impressive muscle group when the athlete is viewed from the side and also very notice able from the front on view. The Biceps are an impressive muscle and a show off muscle in all reality, nowhere near as hard to develop as the Quadriceps or Deltoids but most people would choose bulging Biceps over massive Quads. In fact, how many people train their Biceps on the evening before going on a night out with friends or a date?

What Is So Good About Kettlebell Curls?

Kettlebell Curls can offer a great way to further develop the Biceps whilst also improving the definition of the Forearms and dramatically increasing grip strength. The Kettlebell Curl does challenge the arms in a different manner to the Barbell and Dumbbell and it is very important to hit the Biceps from every possible angle to develop a full Bicep belly. Ditching the Barbell in favour of the Kettlebell or Dumbbell takes a lot of stress off the inner Elbow joint and allows more focus on the muscle tissue itself.


The main difference between using a Kettlebell to Curl with as oppose to a Dumbbell is entirely down to the directional pull of the weight. As the kettlebell is directly underneath the handle and this is where all the weight is located there is far more pressure on the lower part of the Biceps allowing the muscle to elongate more as oppose to using a Dumbbell which encourages the muscular belly to bulge upwards without building too much mass throughout the full length of the muscle.


Curling with kettlbells can quite easily be turned into Hammer curls which are another fantastic Biceps and Forearms exercise, when performed with high reps the Kettlebell Hammer curl can develop devastating muscular definition in the Forearms and builds up enormous amounts of grip strength in a very small amount of time.

Performing Kettlebell Curls

Performing Kettlebell Curls is one of the most simple Kettlebell exercises out there and also one of the most important if you are slowly moving away from traditional Dumbbell and Barbell exercises or even if you are just spicing up your weight training routines.


1) Take hold of a pair of Kettlebells and hold out at arm’s length at your side.


2) The Kettlebell handle will be resting in the palm of your Hands and your knuckles will be facing forward and away from you.


3) Curl your right hands upwards as if trying to touch your Shoulder with your knuckles, deliberately squeezing the Biceps at the top of the movement.


4) As you lower your Right arm down to the starting position, start to curl the Left hand upwards, again deliberately squeezing the Biceps.


*One curl per arm is a complete repetition