The Kettlebell Clean

The Kettlebell Clean Kettlebell Clean Technique

The Kettlebell clean is not only a key exercise in anyone's Kettlebell workouts but it is the starting point for a lot more exercises that you will want to progress onto in the future as you challenge yourself further using the Kettlebells.


Perfecting the technique of the Kettlebell clean will help prevent you from injury during your workouts but also generate a fantastic power and strength base. Using the KB is far safer as oppose to trying to perfect the Barbell clean and will aid you in your quest to build that explosive power needed to shift a dead weight from the ground up.


The benefits of adding this exercise to your Kettlebell workouts are endless and one significant advantage people gain from this exercise is the additional tendon strength gained in the movement of shifting the Kettlebell towards the Shoulder. To do this one must bring the Fist towards the Shoulder whilst rotating the Kettlebell over towards the back of the hand to the final resting position of the movement on the outside of the arm. As mentioned throughout this site, the weight of a Kettlebell is supported one hundred percent by the user at all times and this movement requires huge strength in the tendons of the Wrist. As with any activity your body goes through, it will adapt and the reaction of the Tendons in the Wrist to the Kettlebell Clean is to dramatically strengthen the joint. This exercise can not be replicated with anything else and people who have become profficient with this exercise have actually noticed an increase in a lot of compound exercises they perform in their normal weight lifting routines such as the Bench Press.


As with any Clean movement you may have seen performed in the Gym, power, strength and endurance are built in the posterior which is very important to most if not all sport's specific training so do try to include this in your routine as although tricky to master at first, the results are worth it.


The Kettlbell Clean is a great addition to any of your Kettlebell Workouts but it should ideally be the staple of your Legs session as the majority of the Weight is controlled through the Hamstrings however the Deltoids, Abs, Triceps and Quadriceps will all aid the weight at some point of the movement.

The Kettlebell Clean and Contact Sports

You may now be wondering how the Kettlebell Clean and contact sports are related but walk into any American Football coach's office and he or she (the NFL will have a Female Head Coach before long) will tell you exactly what Intense Kettlebell Workouts are about to.


If you have not used a Kettlebell yet, here is the harsh reality of them - they hurt. The very first time you heave the weight up towards your shoulder and that Kettlebell swings into your Shoulder, it hurts. Most people will become off balance the first time a 24K KB hits you and that is easily the equivalent of a shrugged off tackle or blocked Roundhouse Kick to the body in the world of Matial Arts.

How to Perform the Kettlebell Clean

  1. Place the Kettlebell between your feet. Push your butt backwards and look straight ahead.
  2. Clean the Kettlebell to the Shoulder drivng the force through your Legs and Hips. As the KB approaches your Shoulder, rotate the Wirst inwards and rest the KB on the outer Arm.
  3. Slowly and smoothly lower the Kettlebell back towards the floor, keeping your Hamstrings loaded at all times.


*Focus the force of the Weight on the target muscle, which for this paticular kettlebell exercise is the Hamstrings. To ensure this is the case make the movement smooth and deliberate and keep your butt outwards. As the Weight comes up towards your Shoulders focus on the muscle feeling in the Hamstrings as they extend upwards. The reverse part of the movement lowers the Kettlebell down the same path and you need to ensure this weight is on the Hamstrings and feel the muscle extending downwards under pressure*


Hopefully you will find this page useful in your quest to conquer the Kettlebell Clean, please feel free to inform us of your progress below.


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