Kettlebell Hip Press Ups

Hip Press Ups Hip Press Ups

Kettlebell Hip Press Ups are an advanced push up which will create enormous stress to the muscles of the Deltoids and upper Pctoral region. As we are all away, the level of stress you place your body under is directly related to the improvements the body will make. Themovement is safe, especially when performed with a pair of Kettlebells upon the floor opposite each other level with your Hips, this takes unwanted stress from the wrist joints and helps focus the force throught he front Deltoid and Upper Pectoral.


People have been performing Hip Press Ups for years balancing on their fists, whilst this also offers protection from wrist injury it doesn't allow for a complete stretch of the Pectorals and therefore restricts the benefits you will recieve from performing this exercise, which is a lot harder to perform than it looks.

Adding Hip Press Ups To Your Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebell Hip Press Ups are a fantastic movement to get the blood pumping, it can be performed in an anarobic fashion with explosive reps for short periods of time such as six reps or it can be used in a slow fashion with high repetitions sets which will activate the aerobic system.


A favoured way by many is to superset this movement with a full body exercise such as the Kettlebell Swing, after performing a set of the Kettlebell Swing, simply drop into the Hip Press Ups position and getback to work. By supersetting two very different exercises (one in which muscle groups are worked in isolation with one in which massive muscle groups are all working together) your are making the Heart and Lungs work very hard which will not only improve your base level of fitness but imporive the way your body transports nutrients and Oxygen to overworked muscles and help burn fat.

Performing Hip Press Ups

The form used during the Kettlebell Hip Press Up is hard to get wrong, the technique is also easy and by the very nature of the exercise your core will automatically tighten to help prevent injury and improve stability once your weight is being supported by the Kettlebells. That being said.....


1) Place a pair of Kettlebells on the floor either side of your hips.


2) Support yourself with each hand on a Kettlebell and your Toes.


3) Lower yourself down towards the ground ina smooth motion.


4) Once your Chest is a couple of inches from touching the floor, push yourself upwards through the Kettlebells in a smooth motion taking the path you lowered yourself down using.


*Remeber to inhale on your way down and exhale as you explode your body upwards*