The Goblet Squat

The Goblet Squat The Goblet Squat

The Goblet Squat is key to building dynamic Leg strength and power using Kettlebell exercises. This should be an automatic inclusion into any of your Kettlebell Workouts, just as the Barbell Squat is the essential exercise for a body builder wanting to build muscle mass.


The movement of the Squat is the most beneficial of all muscle building exercises due to the dramatic influence it has on the release of Human Growth Hormone. This is not down the Squat itself but the fact that training larger muscle groups results in bigger Growth Hormone Spikes and the Squat is the one movement which puts demand on all the Major muscle groups at the same time. Incidentally, allowing rest in between sets to never get more than 60 seconds at a time also keeps the Growth Hormone Spikes high and frequent and yet you will see plenty of people in the Gym perform a set of heavy Squats only to stand around for 5 minutes telling you how the Squat increase Growth Hormone release.


The Goble Squat is not only useful for your already Kettlebell friendly athlete but can help people perform the Squat who had previous trouble performing the Squat with the correct technique. Using a Barbell to perfomr the Squat is a skill that should be not underestimated as the nature of where the weight is located can make it very difficult for those with weak backs or a lack of flexibility to perform correctly. The dangers of Squating incorrectly are immense and can range from damaged tissue in the lower back to ruptured knee ligaments so do not Squat until you can master the movement.


Coming back to the Goblet Squat and it would be hard to imagine getting this movement wrong and in fact has a very similar quality to that of the Sumo Squat using a Dumbbell which was fashionable within Gyms during the 1990's.

Why Should I do the Goblet Squat

Anyone who trains physically should perform some king of Squatting movement whether it be with a traditional Barbell, a Dumbell or a non weight based Squat. The Gobet Squat, like all other variations of the Squat is extremely useful at building explosive Power in the Legs and the posterior chain. It is very rare you get a powerful athlete of any standard who does not incorporate Squats into the exercise routine.


The Kettlebell Goblet Squat allows an Athlete to perform the Squat in a safe and efficient manner, whilst also having the fantastic advantage that all Kettlebell exercises do of being able to be moved into another exercise straight away which is essential for a good HIIT cardio circuit.


The muscles in the Leg are complex and do require alot of work for any muscular growth to be stimulated. This is true because the Legs are in constant use all day long so something extra special is required to force the Legs to acquire any muscle mass other than what you already have.


Everyone has Legs capable of shifting enormous amounts of weight for long periods of time so why do any of us beleive that 6 sets on the Leg Press machine will generate muscle growth?


True muscle growth is achieved by activating the fast twitch muscle fibre we have in our Legs and overloading them with work which then sends a signal up to our Brain to encourage muscle growth in that area. When combined with the correct nutritional intake the body is then in the perfect mode to stimulate muscle growth in the Legs.


The Goblet Squat can be performed in two ways to stimulate growth, that is high workrate at low reps forcing more and more freshly Oxygenated Blood into the Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Glutes or low reps with extremely heavy weight in order to cause tears in the muscle fibre encouraging them to grow back bigger, thicker and stronger.

Performing the Kettlebell Goblet Squat

1) The starting position of the Kettlebell Goblet Squat requires you to simply stand up holding the Kettlebell by the horns in front of you at Chest height.


2) Keeping your Head and Chest up and maintaining your Back in a straight position Squat downwards until your Hamstrings are touchng your Calves as if you were sitting in an imaginary chair.


3)At the bottom of the movement, allow your elbows to slightly push your knees outwards before driving back upwards concentrating the force on your Legs and not your Back.


*At all times during this Kettlebell exercise, keep your back straigh and your Abs locked. Your Shoulder muscles are used to support the weight in this movement so some soreness is normal following your Kettlebell workouts. The Goblet Squat is to never be performed in bare feet as one drop of the Kettlebell and you will shatter every bone in your foot*