Kettlebell Around The Body Pass

Around The Body Pass Around The Body Pass

The kettlebell around the body pass is one of the most basic movements one could ever come across but do not be fooled that it’s simplicity is a sign of a lack of effectiveness. The movement mirros a very famous Boxing drill in which two Boxers stand back to back and pass a medicine ball around each other’s back to one another over and over again. The movement helps increase the power an athlete can generate when pivoting in a rounded motion – think how similar the technique of a right hook is compared to throwing the medicine ball from the right hand side of your body and transferring the weight through your core to your Left and passing it to your partner. It is the actual shifting of weight through the Legs and Core muscles from Right to left which replicates the Hooking action.


An athlete should perform the Kettlebell Around the Body movement to increase power in the Abdominal wall and Obliques. This extra power will only ever result in extra muscular definition and increased performance on other movements which require Core strength such as the Kettlebell Swing, Bench Pressing and all forms of Squatting movements.


Training the Abs with Kettlebells is a really efficient way of doing so and it is not just Abs specific movements which will work the Stomach muscles as more or less every Kettlebell exercise requires a tight core and a lot of the movement of the Kettlebell is transferred using the muscles in the core region to either generate power or stabalize.

Performing The Around The Body Pass

Performing the Kettlebell Around the Body Pass is as simple as it gets. The one key point to remember is to keep the Abs locked and contracted throughout the movements and use the momentum of the Kettlebell to swing the weight around the body. As with other Kettlebell exercises the Arms are to be sued as nothing more than a pendulum.


1) Take hold of a Kettlebell in your right hand.


2) Swing the Kettlebell out in front of you so your arms are almost fully extended.


3) Swing the Kettlebell from the Right to Left.


4) Once the Kettlebell is as far Left as possible, take hold of with the Left hand.


5) The Left hand will now swing the Kettlebell from the back to the front of your Body (continuing the counter clockwise motion).


6) As the Left hand comes all way around the back of the body towards your right arm, take hold of with your Right hand.


*Always remember to keep your grip and your core tight throught the whole Kettlebell Around The Body Pass movement*