Kettlebell Arnold Press

The Arnold Press The Arnold Press

The Kettlebell Arnold Press is a simple movement which can produce fantastic results in a relatively short amount of time. Regardless of the period of time you have trained with weights, the Arnold Press will always help improve your physique. For the beginner this Kettlebell exercise will help generate powerful looking Deltoids (especially the side Delts), the more established Athlete who already has well shaped Deltoids will notice more definition and striations in the Shoulders as well as extra separation between the Traps and Rear Deltoids upon adding this movement to their Shoulder workouts.


The Arnold Press is of course a movement created by bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger during his career. For Arnold, the lower Lats were extremely important when performing back twisting poses and with the implementation of the Arnold Press the Rear Delts popped off his back and therefore gave the illusion of even bigger Lats (especially the lower portion). This resulted in Arnold having the appearance of a smaller waist, wider back, bigger shoulders and bigger Thighs – all of which contributed to his dominance on the elite bodybuilding scene.

Why The Kettlebell Arnold Press

The fact is that the Kettlebell demands more of the Deltoids during the movement than a Dumbbell does but it also puts massive strain on the core throughout the movement which like all Kettlebell movements is a factor that always has the Kettlebell enthusiast purring.


Not only is the Kettlebell version of the Arnold press more demanding on the Shoulders, but it can easily be incorporated into any of your Kettlebell workouts and is actually easier to perform. The Kettlebell itself (for those who are new to the site or indeed Kettlebells themselves) is a canon-like shaped weight with a thick handle with the weight directly under the handle. The Kettlebell Arnold Press allows for easier transition during the movement as the wrist rotates, the weight is constant whereas the Arnold Press using a Dumbbell can cause strain of the inner and outer parts of the wrist during the rotation as the weight baring element of the Dumbbell is either side of the weight and in general the movement simply isn’t as smooth.

How To Perform The Kettlebell Arnold Press

1)  From a seated or standing position, hold the Kettlebells at Shoulder height with your Palms facing you.


2)  Press the Kettlebells upwards whilst rotating the wrist so the palms now face away from the body.


3) At the top of the movement, pause momentarily.


4) Return the Kettlebells using the same route, rotating the wrists on the way down so the palsm now face the body again.


*Remember to keep the core tight with abdominal wall contrat throughout the movement. Exhale as you press the weights above head, whislt inhaling when returning the kettlebells to the starting position*