Killer Kettlebell Legs Workout

The Legs are arguabaly the most difficult body part to train from a physical and mental standpoint and the numebr one main muscle group ignored by gym goeres the world over.


The legs make up half of the body and yet are ignored in comparison to the Biceps which are a really small muscle group regardless of how big your's may or may not be.


Kettlebell Legs Workouts are difficult, yet simple at the same time and are a real way to target this massive muscle group without having to stand in a Squat rack which induces fear in all but the hardcore trainer.


The workout described below is very simple, one that can be incorportated into your regularly routine immediately.

The kettlebell Legs Routine

Kettlebell squat

This routine can be done absolutely anywhere as the only piece of equipment required is one kettlebell, a weight that you could usually quite happily perform working sets of 15 reps with.


The Squat is going to make up the majority of the Killer Kettlebell Legs Workout presented here and this is really the Daddy of all possible leg movements regarrdless of the equipemnt you choose to use.


The routine will be broken into 3 movements and the Kettlebell Squat portion can be performed like demonstrated in the picture (A Goblet Squat) or with your Legs shoulder width apart, toes facing outwards slightly. The Kettlebell would be on the floor and be picked up by the handles with both hands in a simialr fashion to how you would begin a Kettlebell Swing. Each Squat rep would be complete once the Kettlebell touches the floor.


The Workout.......


Movement one requires the athlete to perform 15 reps of Kettlebell Squat with the emphasis being on driving the Kettlebell upwards using the muscles of the posterior chain.


Movement two requires the athlete to take up a seated Squat position and hold in a static manner for a period 30 seconds.


Movement three requires the athelte to then perform 15 reps of jumping Squats, exploding upwards as hard and fast as possible before landling in a controlled maner and returning to the static hold squat position before driving back upwards.


One circuit of this routine will really have the heart and lungs working overtime and the legs will be craving oxygen and nutrient rich blood.


Ideally, you would wish to complete 12 circuits of this for a complete workout but there is no harm in working up towards that number. Alternatively you can throw in 3 circuits and the end of your normal Legs routine to really drive development of the Quadriceps and Hamstrings.