Basic Superset

When it comes to Kettlebell Workouts, the more basic you can make your training sessions, the more you will get out of your training.


The Basic Superset described here is not designed to constitute your whole training session but can be added to the end of a training session to ensure you have squeezed every ounce out of your gym session and worked your muscles to the very limit.


The two exercises to be performed are the Kettlebell Swing and Kettlebell Push-Ups.


10 sets are to be performed of each exercise with absolutely no rest in between sets. When performed correctly you should simply move from exercise A to exercise B and then back to A and so on.


As detailed on this site perform the movements with perfect form and intensity in order to get the very best out of each training session.


To begin perform a set of 20 Kettlebell Swings and instantly drop into a set of 10 Kettlebell Push-Ups. Moving forward, keep your sets of Kettlebell Swing to 20 reps but reduce your Kettlebell Push-Ups by one rep on each set.


The basic Kettlebell superset described above will have you performing a total of 200 Kettlebell Swing reps and 55 Kettlebell Push-Up repetitions.