The Kettlebell Rack

Having a kettlebell rack in your home Gym can be best option for some as appose to having a few odd kettlebells or having one adjustable kettlebell. The great thing about the kettlebell rack is that you have a variety of weights available without having to worry about taking the time to assemble the kettlebell with the appropriate weight or worrying about if the few kettlebells you have are appropriate for the exercise you are attempting or if they are limiting your progress.

Space is obviously a limiting factor when it comes to deciding whether the kettlebell rack is the best option for you, however if you have a spare room or a reasonable sized space set aside for your home gym this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

The standard kettlebell rack can be found for approximately £120 - £180 pounds although prices can vary and some are as much as £450. The racks usually have two tiers to ensure that they can hold a variety of different kettlebells and some even hold both kettlebells and dumbbells simultaneously. The kettlebell racks most commonly have a heavy gauge steal construction to ensure that they can support a full rack of weights without any issues and due to this it is generally a good idea to select home delivery.

Once you have purchased the kettlebell rack you will more than likely be looking for a selection of kettlebells to stock the rack. You can buy kettlebells individually or you can choose to buy a set.


The weight of the kettlebell generally determines the price with the lighter weights, as you would guess, being the cheapest. Generally the kettlebell weights available range from 2 kg to 32 kg. Obviously you cannot fit a set of all sixteen weight variations on one kettlebell rack and most choose to vary the weights they have ie 2 x 4kg, 2 x 8kg, 2 x 16 kg and so on adjusting this as necessary depending on the maximum weight they wish to store.


Purchasing enough kettlebells to fill the kettlebell rack can be expensive and if this is an issue it may be an idea to start by purchasing the lightest weights you will need and continue to purchase the kettlebells as you progress thus spreading out the cost. It is important that you do not purchase the heaviest kettlebells you can cope with first of all as this may limit you on the exercises you can perform, for example,  you may be able to perform the kettlebell squat with the 20 kg kettlebell but unable to perform the kettlebell clean with the same weight and therefore you will be limiting your kettlebell workout until you can purchase the lighter weights.

The kettlebell rack if stocked appropriately can be the ideal addition to your home gym. It is proven that a good kettlebell workout can improve your fitness and help you to build and sculpt muscle not to mention the fact that they also improve tendon and ligament strength and develop enhanced flexibility. With so many benefits from one piece of equipment many see the kettlebell back as an essential purchase for a home gym.