Kettlebell Gloves

Gloves For Lifting Kettlebells Gloves For Lifting Kettlebells

Kettlebell workouts are intense and this is why they pay off in regards to fitness and muscle sculpting however they also take their toile on the hands and therefore kettlebell gloves may be required in order to ensure that you get the most out of you workout without being limited by the stress that the kettlebells can put on the hands.


Although to some using any sort of kettlebell gloves / weightlifting gloves is seem as a waste of time and an unnecessary hassle, there a number a reasons why these gloves can be beneficial.


The first point to consider is the enhanced grip that can be provided by simply using kettlebell gloves / weightlifting gloves. When weightlifting (whether it be with kettlebells or any other weights) your grip should not be what is terminating your lift. You last rep should be determined by their area of muscle that you are focusing on i.e. if you are practicing the kettlebell squat, your last rep should be when your back muscles can no longer cope and not when you feel the kettlebell slipping from the palm of the hand. Many who use kettlebell gloves have noticed a dramatic improvement in grip as appose to using bare hands when lifting and therefore have noticed a significant improvement in the weight they are lifting and the number of reps they are able to achieve.


Another factor to consider when deciding whether you require kettlebell gloves / weightlifting gloves is the extra protection that the gloves can provide. For many who weightlift regularly without the use of gloves calluses and blisters become an issue. This is due to the continuous friction between the palm of the hand and the handle of the kettlebell (or the bar / handle any other weight). Although both calluses and blisters are not a serious issue they can cause discomfort (not to mention the fact that they are unsightly). There are some exercises that put more of a strain on the hands that others, in general these are exercises which require explosive movement. An example of this is the kettlebell clean, cleaning the kettlebell to the shoulder is a powerful movement in which the kettlebell moves quite significantly in the palm of the hand, as the reps increase this friction will damage the skin thus causing calluses and/or blisters. By simply investing in a pair of kettlebell gloves/weight lifting gloves this issue can be eliminated meaning no more painful hands causing you discomfort during your workout.


For those who struggle to optimise their kettlebell workouts due to the strain that the lifting can put on the wrists, kettlebell gloves / weightlifting gloves could again be answer. Many gloves that can currently be found on the market also wrap around the wrist. For those with weak wrists this provides extra support and could therefore help you achieve lifting a heavier kettlebell or allow you to increase the number of reps without worrying about the strain you are putting on your wrists.


There are a number of reasons why kettlebell gloves/ weight lifting gloves can be beneficial to your workout and they are relatively cheap to purchase. Many high-street sporting shops or online sports shops offer a range of gloves and prices generally range from ten to fifteen pounds.


There are different styles of kettlebell gloves / weightlifting gloves available and it is therefore important that you consider what benefit you want from the gloves before you purchase them. If you are using gloves to improve your grip, the leather gloves on the market generally have a better grip than some of the other materials such as the nylon gloves available however if having weak wrists is your reason for purchasing kettlebell gloves it is more important to ensure that the gloves extend over the wrist and provide adequate support.


If any of the issues mentioned above have in the past limited your kettlebell workouts or weightlifting sessions let us know what has worked for you to eliminate the issue and we can share this information with our guests. Simply things like kettlebell gloves / weightlifting gloves may not seem important but that can make a great impact on your workout.