Adjustable Kettlebell

The adjustable kettlebell is a life saver for those who want to workout at home but have limited space. For some visiting the gym is not an option due to schedules, lifestyles or responsibilities.


Whatever the reason, not being able to visit the gym should not stop you from being fit and healthy as with just one adjustable kettlebell you can do a full work out each day.

With adjustable kettebells there are multiple weight variations so if you want a Kettlebell workout involving, for example, a 30kg kettlebell for the kettlebell front squat and then you wish to reduce the weight to 16kg for the kettlebell windmill, you now have the option to do this with just one kettlebell. As well as adapting the weight for different kettlebell exercise you can also add more weight as you build strength and muscle.


Many working out at home just buy one or two standard kettlebells but this can hinder progress as your body will become accustom to the weight you are working out with.

How the Adjustable Kettlebell Works

There exists many different adjustable KB's, however most companies tend to supply two different types.

The first is a kettlebell in two halves were the weights are added to the inner section. For this particular kettlebell if you want the lightest weight available you simply use the top section of the kettlebell on its own which generally weighs 6.5 kg. To add more weight, you can add the bottom section to the top section of the kettlebell, with no weights in the inner section. This usually gives you an overall weight of 12 kg. This type of adjustable KB also comes with plates (usually 5) to add to the inner section giving you more weight variations. Check each design to see which kettlebell gives you the most suitable weight variations, some limit you to 32 kg were as others allow you to build the weight up to 40 kg.


The other type of adjustable kettlebell commonly found on the market has one main body and plates that attach either side of the main body. With this type of adjustable kettlebell you will generally not find the same number of variations in weight however if price is a factor in your purchase you will usually find that these are the cheaper of the kettlebells that you can adjust. 


To summise, the adjustable KB will save space in your household, save you money as appose to buying a full set of kettlebells, offers a great number of weight variations and is rather easy to assemble and adapt, however as we wish to give you every possible piece of information it is important to talk about the downside of the adjustable KB also.


In reality there isn’t much to qualm about with the adjustable KB, it does what it is designed to do, however it is going to take slightly more time in your workout whilst you adapt the weight if you are varying the weight for different Kettlebell exercises.


If you only want the varied weights for when you progress this won’t be an issue as you will assemble the weight before you begin one of your Kettlebell Workouts. Alternatively if you are changing the weight during your kettlebell workout and you work out in the normal fashion, taking a short breather between each set, again adjusting the weight should not be an issue as you can use this breathing time to add or remove plates as required.


If you have purchased an adjustable kettlebell let us know how you are doing. Tell us how easy you find it to adjust the weight and how you have used it to complete your various Kettlebell exercises.