Kettlebell Equipment for Workouts

Kettlebell Equipment The Kettlebell Rack

Having the correct equipment to perform your Kettlebell workouts is vital in order for you to complete your kettlebell exercises safely and correctly. There are many factors to consider when buying your kettlebell equipment.

Firstly you need to look at the cost, find out what your budget is before you start buying your Kettlebell training equipment and you can then shop around to ensure you have all of the necessary equipment for your kettlebell workouts without over spending.
Another important factor is to look at the space you have, for example, it would not be a good idea to buy a full rack of kettlebells only to find out when you have them delivered you have no space in your home for them. If you do have a dedicated workout area in your home you may feel that a full kettlebell rack is the best option for you.
You also need to look at the mobility of the KB equipment, if you are a personal trainer for example, it is not going to be practical for you to carry a full set of kettlebells to each client and this is another factor that you should consider when you are buying your kettlebell equipment. In this case you may wish to consider opting for the adjustable kettlebell, which may well prove to be the best option.

Another factor to consider when purchasing your KB equipment is variety, as your body becomes accustom to your kettlebell workouts you may need to increase the weight you are using to ensure you keep progressing. If for example, you have bought two 8kg kettlebells you may find that after a short period of time you are looking for heavier weights and this could become costly so it is worthwhile having an idea in mind of the variety of weights you will need before you start purchasing your kettlebell equipment.
It is also a good idea to consider the extra equipment you may need to ensure you are comfortable during your kettlebell exercise routine. For example, many like to use weight lifting gloves whilst performing kettlebell exercises to protect the hands whilst others find that whilst using the heavier kettlebells, a weightlifting belt is useful.

The Adjustable Kettlebell

The Adjustable Kettlebell The Adustable Kettlebell

As mentioned above the adjustable kettlebell can be ideal for those who have limited space or plan on working out in various places and require mobile KB equipment.


There are many different variations of the adjustable kettlebell on the market and different models and makes have different weight variations so it is important to shop around if you are purchasing an adjustable kettlebell because as stated above having a variety of different weights for progress and also for the different kettlebell exercises is vital.


Of the most common adjustable kettlebells on the market is a kettlebell in two halves were the weights are added to the inner section, another common model is a kettlebell with one main body and plates that attach either side of the main body each have their advantages and it is important to consider this when purchasing your kettlebell equipment.

Kettlebell Rack

If space is not a limiting factor having a kettlebell rack can mak life a little simpler. Instead of worrying about constructing the adjustable kettlebell to the appropriate weight you can get on with your workout knowing you have a full range of weights available.


The weights are sold individually to the kettlebell rack and therefore you can choose the weights to suit you most. Kettlelbells range from 2 kg to 32 kg so there are a wide variety of weights for you to choose from. Many who choose the kettlebell rack for their home gym also choose to hold a wide range of weights on the rack ie 2 x 4kg, 2 x 8 kg, 2 x 16 kg and so on. Doing this enbles you to vary the weight you are lifting for different exercises and also move to heavier weights as you progress.


Kettlebell Gloves

When considering Kettlebell equipment to purchase one of the most obvious inclusions will be a pair of Kettlebell Gloves.


Gloves are an important item for some in lifting circles and not needed whatsoever for others. It is simply a matter of preference however there are a number of benefits that you can obtain from owning a pair. For many kettlebell / weightlifting gloves improve grip meaning you can get those extra few reps out or even move to a heavier kettlebell. Another benefit is the prevention of calluses and blisters which many in weight lifting circles suffer from.


Kettlebell gloves are of minimal cost and altough they many not seem important this cheap piece of equipment can make a great difference to your kettlebell workouts!


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